New Build

Due to our success, HMCL have recently started undertaking full new build projects for developers and contractors, as well as helping the passionate self-builder out there who require a trusted house builder.

We understand that all of our clients have completely different requirements. Some wish to build as many properties on a plot as possible with the projects overall goal to make money. In this case our commercial team will work very close with the client so we are sure that we are maximising our clients profits while minimising costs. On the other side of the table we hear from self-builders who are more concerned with quality and the overall finish of a product as this is going to be their home where they live. This is why HMCL will always meet our client and be sure we fully understand the client’s key requirements and find the perfect balance of Time, Quality, and Cost.

HMCL will aid our client throughout the process, helping with planning permission by putting you in contact with our trusted innovative architect.  They will work very closely with the client and our build team to ensure that not only are the clients dreams achieved, but that there will also be no buildability issues once on site as this can all too often be the case.

Once planning is approved our design team will work with the client and architect to ensure that the client’s tastes, and desired ascetics are incorporated though means of internal finishes and furniture. We do this to ensure that the client is completely satisfied with the product.


HMCL Ltd built a wood and glass partition to match an existing one as well as various other minor jobs. The work was done to a very high standard, on time and at the price originally agreed. Nothing was too much trouble and they did precisely what was asked. I cannot recommend them too highly and we would certainly use them again. Duckworth Publishers.

Christine, E1

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