Loft Conversion


A loft conversion is currently a great investment as the housing market remains strong within the UK. Any unused space that can be turned into a habitable functional room will only add more value than the outweighing cost. In London and its home counties, a loft conversion can easily add 35% to the house value.

Some of our clients come to us for investment purposes but just as many others have simply outgrown there current living space but don’t want the hassle or cost of moving and uprooting lives.

Loft spaces can even be transformed into self-contained units that can be rented out to bring in an additional income.


HMCL have an excellent reputation for providing our clients with fantastic innovative loft conversions. We aim to keep improving our knowledge base so that we can further provide our customers with the latest intelligent solutions for their needs for additional space.

One of our first steps in any loft conversion enquiry is to meet the client. At this meeting we can assess your needs, as everybody has different requirements from there loft conversion. Once we are able to ascertain your needs, the priority is for us and the client to establish a realistic budget and timescale. Everything in the construction industry relies on the relationship between Time, Quality and Cost and here at HMCL we are experts at getting this balance perfect for our customers.

Once we have viewed the property we will be able to best determine how to deliver the works with minimum impact on the client’s life. This can range from site access solutions to time and waste management.


With HMCL’s combined in house knowledge, we are able to offer expertise in construction technology, Design and Space planning, so you can be sure of the finished product before construction begins. We also have a fantastic commercial team who will assist you throughout the project with financial management and value engineering excesses to leave you sure you are getting the best possible product at the best possible price.

With Dormer

A loft conversion with a roof Dormer is a fantastic solution when head height is an issue and are a great way to add light to the space in order to make it more aesthetically pleasing. The cheapest and most common of these is the flat roof Dormer but if, as is often in the UK, you live in an older home a Gable end dormer may suit the aesthetics of the building better. This will however sacrifice interior head height and be fractionally more expensive.

Without Dormer

Dependent on the height of the existing roof on your property and the expected size and function of the proposed room you may be able to omit the dormer all together and use the space as it is. This will not mean that you are unable to have large windows as there are still options to make this method a fully functional space and usually at a lower cost


Planning permission can often seem daunting when thinking of adding a loft conversion to a property. Which way will the windows be facing? Is it the correct height and size? With our years of experience if you have not had any plans or permission dawn up yet we will guide you through the process step by step providing you with our trusted reliable local Architect.

Loft conversions do not always need planning permission. For the ones that do require it, we highly recommend following through as skipping can cause great difficulties when coming to sell your property and the end goal here should be to add value. On our initial survey we will inform the client of all planning requirements they must adhere too. With our years of experience we are able to make this process as smooth and painless as possible for the client.


Stage One

We will first sheet up all areas to ensure dust and noise control in the rest of the house is achieved while we are working. Our scaffold will be installed so we can gain access through the roof, so the majority of our works can be done without entering the main living area of the house. This ensures less disturbance to the client.

We would remove any insulation between the roof joists and then concentrate on installing steels so that the floor timbers can be installed with insulation.

HMCL trained mechanical and electrical team will arrive in site to first fix all the electrics and plumbing ready for the loft floor to be laid.

Stage Two

Now time to re build the roof with the new dormer extension in place this is usually constructed in timber with a fibreglass flat roof with tiled sides to match the existing roof. This will now make the project watertight again.

Stage Three

Now for the internal finishes. This is when the HMCL team flourish, with our keen eye for detail, our in-house design team will ensure that any project meets the highest standard.

We begin by cutting out the ceiling from the new loft conversion to the main house (this is usually where things can get messy) to make room for the new staircase. Once the staircase is fitted we can now bring back our mechanical and electrical professionals to second fix the plumbing and electrics and then begin the finishing touches, Plastering, Painting, and Skirting & Flooring.

On completion, we will check that any bathrooms are running smoothly and ensure everything is left in perfect working order. Once we are happy, the HMCL management team will search the entire property from the roof down to ensure the client is fully happy with the work undertaken and any minor corrections will be detailed and picked up by our team (snagging).

Once this is all finalised we will issue the customer with a completion certificate, NICEIC and gas safe Certificate and then we are completed. If at any time you require further assistance, as for any HMCL client, you are able to call upon the services of our Aftercare team.

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HMCL Ltd built a wood and glass partition to match an existing one as well as various other minor jobs. The work was done to a very high standard, on time and at the price originally agreed. Nothing was too much trouble and they did precisely what was asked. I cannot recommend them too highly and we would certainly use them again. Duckworth Publishers.

Christine, E1

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