Space Planning

Interior design is not always at the forefront of our client’s mind when budgeting for renovation to their property and we are often asked to provide a standard white room and then are called back years later to revamp the space.

HMCL has a design team at hand who are able to guide our clients through the various possibilities and provide various space plans and visuals to give the client an idea of how the room could look and this will ensure complete satisfaction with the end product.

Our design professionals have become so good at space planning and providing visuals to our clients we now offer this as a standalone service or this can be incorporated into any of our construction packages.

Our build team work very closely with our design team to ensure that no buildability issues arise once on site. This is a relationship the management team encourages as HMCL is known for providing fantastic looking spaces for our clients and we aim to keep this trait.


HMCL Ltd built a wood and glass partition to match an existing one as well as various other minor jobs. The work was done to a very high standard, on time and at the price originally agreed. Nothing was too much trouble and they did precisely what was asked. I cannot recommend them too highly and we would certainly use them again. Duckworth Publishers.

Christine, E1

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